D & A Audio Digitization Service

Our D&A Service is available for those who wish to digitise a range of media owned for private and domestic use.

This may include:
Books, Magazines, VHS videos tapes, CDs and photographs.

In particular we support the frail aged and disabled who may need to convert personal media when relocating to a smaller spaced care facility.

We follow strict guidelines as set out by Australian Copyright Council. Please note that guidelines vary depending on the type of material

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Volunteer with Us

Work For The Soul is a Registered Charity that provides Projects and Services that support and assist the distressed, at risk and the most vulnerable and in need in our Communities
Our projects are diverse, creative, interesting and meet identified community needs. It is our aim that they continue to evolve and become self sustaining.

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Food for Thought -Food Assistance

Through its partnering arrangement with Food Bank, Work For The Soul's Food Rescue Distribution Service is committed to relieving poverty by providing nutritious fresh food to those in need.
We aim to give hope, dignity and a sense of empowerment to people. We hope that this assistance will provide a slight impact on household budgets. Resulting in people having more ease in their daily
Please Note:
Orders Must be submitted by midnight Sunday.

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Form Filling Assistance

Assistance with filling paper or digital (online) forms.
This may include:
Centrelink MyGov or Medicare forms, lease agreements, house applications and other general forms or applications. We only assist by transcribing the clients own words and we accept no liability for the outcome of any claim process or applications made.
Please Note:
Work For The Soul's Form Filling Assistance is NOT an advice service.

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